LGBTQIA+ Informed Professional Certification


LGBTQIA+ Informed Professional Certification

This 22-hour certificate offers the most up-to-date, culturally relevant framework for working with LBGTQIA+ clients. With specific attention given to diverse, often overlooked aspects within the this traditionally marginalized population, the certificate provides an invaluable foundation for clinical aptitude. Drawing on expertise from the field’s leading sexual and gender diversity experts, these courses will help you feel informed and competent to engage in the topics your clients bring to the therapy room. Based on peer-reviewed research and respected modalities, this certificate offers necessary tools for the highest degree of clinical efficacy.

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Course Breakdown

Course Presenter CE Hours
Sexual Fluidity: Research findings and implications for affirmative therapy Lisa Diamond 2
Working with Female Same-Sex Couples Deb Azorsky 4
Working with Male Same-Sex Couples Nick Fager 4
Working with transgender and gender nonconforming clients Lucie Fielding 4
The Trauma of Growing up LBGTQIA+ and Internalized Homophobia Joe Kort 1
Supporting LBGTQIA+ Youth Jo Langford 1.5
Supporting Parents of LBGTQIA+ Youth Jo Langford 1.5
Therapy with LGBTQ plus clients Lee Phillips 4

Qualifications for AASECT Certification

* MSTI is an approved organizational provider for AASECT Ce's, Provider #07-110-J. Attainment of AASECT CE's does not ensure or guarantee AASECT Certification. For further information please contact

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