Sexual Compulsivity Informed Professional Certification


Sexual Compulsivity Informed Professional Certification

In contemporary culture, the most common way to describe someone with sexual dysregulation is “sex addiction.” However, the approach of Modern Sex Therapy Institutes’ 15-hour certificate focuses on a less pathologizing and shame-based approach, using terms like “compulsivity” and “Problematic Sexual Behavior (PSB).” This certificate addresses compulsive behavior as a sexual health problem rather than an addiction issue in which consensual sexual urges, thoughts or behaviors <em>feel</em><i> </i>out of control. With theories and methodologies from the field’s preeminent thought leaders, this comprehensive training is designed to help clinicians identify problematic sexual behaviors and achieve holistic health-based outcomes for clients who struggle, inclusive of tools for their partners and family systems.

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Course Breakdown

Course Presenter CE Hours
Empirical approaches to help couples re-establish Sexual Heath after disclosures Nicole Prause 2
Assessment of Problematic Sexual Behaviors: Multiple pathways to sexual behaviors that is considered problematic Jason Winters 2
Digisexuality and its assessments/formulation Markie Twist 3
The Search for Co-regulation: Helping clients understand their affects and attachment styles in order to create therapeutic alliance and a path to healing and recovery Michael Crocker 2
Problematic Sexual behavior & power Dynamics Kate Balestrieri 2
When porn is the issue–working with couples and individuals Marty Klein, Ph.D. 4

Qualifications for AASECT Certification

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