Sexual Trauma Informed Therapist Certification


Sexual Trauma Informed Therapist Certification

This 18-hour certificate provides clinicians with essentials for treating sexual trauma. With various approaches covered by the field’s leading trauma-informed practitioners, courses look beyond the traditional trauma framework by focusing on sexual and relational health outcomes post-trauma. Based on peer-reviewed research and respected modalities including somatic and humanistic, this certificate offers clinical competency through an unparalleled contemporary lens.

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Course Breakdown

Course Presenter CE Hours
Reclaiming Pleasure: Helping Clients Move Past Sexual Trauma to Reclaim a Passionate Life Holly Richmond 8
Trauma Informed Sex Therapy: Existential/Humanistic Approaches Dan Watter 4
Sexual Health as a Means of Breaking Cycles of Intergenerational Trauma Tanya Bass 2
Erotic Self-Expansion for Sexual Trauma Survivors Rafaella Smith-Fiallo 4

Qualifications for AASECT Certification

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