Affirmative Relationship Therapy with Alternative Lifestyles: Working with couples around sexual differentiation including consensual non-monogamy, kinks and fetishes (6 CEs)


February 29, 2020 | 9am to 4pm EST
Presented by: Joe Kort, PhD

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Learning objectives

  1. Prepare a treatment plan to treat kinks/fetishes.
  2. Discuss helping clients learn to manage and incorporate their fetish and kinks into their sex lives.
  3. Predict therapist countertransference around sexual issues out of their comfort zone and identify at least 5 ways to manage it.
  4. Explain how partners can dialogue that allows for honesty, dignity and closeness around sexual expression and erotic empathy.
  5. Describe the differences between compulsive sexual behavior and “sexual addiction”.
  6. Create strategies to help the couple through feelings of disgust, distrust and betrayal
  7. Teach the differences between gay, lesbian, heterosexual and mixed orientation couples

Brief description/summary of the workshop.

Finding agreement in the most sexual, sensitive areas in the bedroom can be challenging for couples.  Therapists are often challenged on how to work with couples around sexual issues due to lack of training and experiences. Therapists can help couples open up about the ways in which their sexual activity is helped or hindered by certain actions or words during sexual encounters.

Engaging in a full range of sexual activity to keep the relationship uninhibited. Encouraging experimentation in the bedroom can help rekindle relationships that have become stale or strained. This workshop will teach therapists how to help their clients manage their sexual fetishes and paraphilias and incorporate them into their existing sex lives. *This workshop will not be addressing pedophilia nor ephebophilia.

Instructional methods: PowerPoint, lecture, case studies and handouts.


Arousal: Secret Logic of Sexual Fantasies by Michael Bader

Male Sexuality by Michael Bader

Erotic Mind by Jack Morin

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