Description: This workshop will focus on the evaluation and diagnosis of male sexual disorders.  Didactic presentation, group discussion, and clinical case examples will be utilized in order to demonstrate the complexities and vagaries of understanding male sexual problems.  Topics will include Erectile Dysfunction, Rapid and Delayed Ejaculation, Problems with Desire, and the effects of chronic health conditions on sexuality.  Emphasis will be on diagnosis and understanding of male sexual dysfunction.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the purpose of worry and it’s key features.
  • Demonstrate a thorough assessment of the biopsychosocial factors surrounding premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and delayed.
  • List the diagnostic criteria for 3 male sexual dysfunctions
  • List 4 male sexual dysfunctions.

Activity Schedule:

9:00-9:30      Introduction/Overview of the Day

9:30-10:30    Understanding Male Sexuality (Overview)

10:30-11:45  The Assessment Process

11:45-1:00  Overview of Male Sexual Dysfunctions and diagnostic criteria