Ethics in Sex Therapy: A Neglected Dimension (4 CEs)


Speakers: Daniel Watter, Ed.D.


Most ethics workshops have focuses primarily on the essential elements of risk management.  While such concepts are clearly important, they represent only a fraction of what ethics and ethical practice should be about.  Indeed, most ethics workshops encourage sex therapists (and other healthcare practitioners) to think more like lawyers than as clinicians.

This workshop will take participants beyond the typical admonitions of “bad behavior” and focus on the ethical nuances that clinicians face when dealing with the complex realities of actual clinical practice.  Topics to addressed will include: dealing with the ethical dilemmas inherent in the increased medicalization of sex therapy, the ethical perils and pitfalls in diagnosing sexual disorders, the vagaries of managing sexual feelings in psychotherapy, and the challenges of practicing ethically in a healthcare environment that constantly assaults and tests the integrity of sex therapists and other healthcare professionals.