Interaction Between Sexuality and Dynamics of Interpersonal and Relationships (4 CEs)


Speakers: Richard Siegel, Ph.D. and Lawrence Siegel, MA, CSE


Historically, sex therapists have not always looked at sexual problems in the context of relationships.  However, it is impossible to separate sexuality from relationships.  As sex counselors and therapists, it is imperative to understand sexual difficulties in the context of the current relationships, family history, cultural influences and medical history.

In this workshop, participants will learn important concepts of relationship theory in order to help couples enhance their emotional and sexual relationship.  We will explore the integration of sexuality, relationship theory, intrapsychic forces and cultural influences in order to begin to understand the complexity of knowledge needed to be a helping professional in the area of sexuality.

The emphasis of this workshop is to learn skills to work with couples.  Starting with an evaluation, participants will learn tools to help create safety for couples to discuss the vulnerable topic of their sexuality. Specific sexual interventions, such as sensate focus and other ways to increase positive emotional and sexual interactions, will also be covered.

Learning Objectives:

▪  Discuss and describe the socio-cultural and familial factors affecting our sexuality and those of our clients

▪  Learn skills to help clients create new sexual messages and to enhance communication between couples in discussing sexuality issues

▪  List and describe two different models for working with couples.

▪  Explain the process for identifying counter-transference issues in seeing couples together and/or separately and determine what works best for each practitioner

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