Description: The goal of this workshop is to provide a firm grounding in concepts related to gender and sexually diverse identities with a focus on transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, as well as a deep dive into the nuances of affirming treatment. Utilizing concepts of Queer Theory, which emphasizes spectrums, fluidity, flexibility, and self-efficacy in identity formation, the participants will develop a framework for understanding gender and sexually diverse clients in more expansive ways.

This workshop will focus on developing a thorough understanding of language, pronouns, and concepts related to gender and sexual diversity in order to create an affirming and safe space for clients from the first interaction. Participants will explore the impact of multiple oppressed identities, our own privilege and bias, as well as develop skills for supporting clients through decisions about coming out and medical interventions. Come to this workshop ready to engage around complex, fluid, and sometimes paradoxical, aspects of identity and sexuality.

Participants will walk away feeling more confident using up-to-date language and pronouns, have a new understand of the LGBTQ population outside of a cisgender, gay male frame, and develop empathy and practical tools for providing affirming care to gender and sexually diverse clients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe up-to-date language about gender and sexual diversity
  • Recognize your own bias and privilege about gender and sexual diversity
  • Describe spectrums of gender and sexual orientation diversity
  • Practice skills to support gender diverse clients in making decisions and coping with hormones and gender-affirming surgeries
  • Assess the inclusiveness of your forms, procedures, atmosphere, and support staff of their practices.
  • Discuss the impact of multiple oppressed and intersectional identities on gender and sexually diverse clients
  • Demonstrate skills to support your clients in making decisions about coming out
  • Plan next steps in learning more about gender and sexually diverse clients

Activity Schedule:

9-9:30-Get settled, Intros, Ice Breaker

9:30-12-Language and Gender Spectrum


1-2:30-Intersectional Identities, Privilege, and Bias

2:30-3:30- Coming Out


3:45-4:30- Decisions and Coping around HRT and Surgery

4:30-5- Forms, Procedures, Atmosphere, Support Staff

5-5:30-Next steps in Learning

5:30-6-Wrap up, Questions, Evaluations