Integrating Couples and Sex Therapy


Originally sex therapy was considered a cognitive behavior therapy.  We now know when working with sex therapy issues, we need to consider many factors: the family of origin, the impact of our culture, relationship issues and medical factors.  Additionally, anxiety is a major component in any sexuality difficulty. This workshop will explore all of these factors, taking a systems approach to sex therapy.  We will demonstrate skills in providing a couples/sex therapy evaluation, unraveling the couples dance in sexuality and creating containment and connection methods with couples.


  1. Describe the socio-cultural and familial factors affecting our ability to discuss sexuality with our clients.
  2. Describe the familial, socio-cultural issues affecting a clients sexuality development and sexual self esteem.
  3. List the medical systems to explore in sex therapy cases.
  4. Describe the relational paradigm and list different relational theories to utilize.
  5. Demonstrate the role of anxiety in sexual dysfunction and  explain the use of Cognitive Behavior Therapy in sex therapy.
  6. Demonstrate skills to conduct a couple, sex therapy/counseling evaluation and explore counter-transference issues.
  7. Demonstrate the couples dance in a sexuality problem and utilize Internal Family Systems techniques to explore this dance.
  8.  Demonstrate skills to contain conflict and create deepening connection in couples/sex therapy, using Imago therapy skills.


Presenter – Gail Guttman, LCSW

With more than 30 years of experience, Gail Guttman is a couples’ therapist with a specialty in sex therapy. She offers the unique opportunity for clients to address their sexual concerns within the context of their relationship. Gail’s passion includes developing the theory and practice of integrating couples and sex therapy.  She helps psychotherapists become more competent and confident in these areas. In her practice, she conducts ongoing consultation groups in which cases and theory are discussed, and an important support network for therapists is created.  Gail conducts training workshops and seminars at professional associations and conferences and has been an ongoing presenter at the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute for the last several years. She is also an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Sex Therapy Supervisor and CE Provider.


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