This presentation will discuss how to help couples face the crisis when one partner discovers that the other is secretly using pornography or connecting to potential partners online. Often the injured partner who discovers this is devastated and experiences it as a trauma and betrayal. What surfaces are the couples erotic differences and the absence of sexual health dialogues between the partners. Through the teaching of Imago Relationship Therapy, therapists will explore how to help these couples deal with erotic difference and develop empathy and validation for one another. Therapists will learn how to help the injured partner understand ultimately creating a more differentiated sex life.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss their own countertransference toward these couples and how to avoid it interfering with them providing treatment
  • Describe two techniques to help both partners recognize their own erotic interests without blame and defensiveness
  • Describe at least two effective communication skills to help couples resolve erotic conflict and create more intimacy
  • Explain ways to help couples with the differences between male and female sexual desire and erotic differences from a sexual health informed point of view