Sex Professions in the Public Eye
(3 CEs)
Logan Levkoff, Ph.D.




Description: The ways in which sexuality is portrayed in the media impacts the public’s views and experiences of sexual behavior and norms. Sexuality professionals who choose a career in the media or “public eye” face many challenges. This workshops will present an overview of how sexuality is perceived by the public as a result of messages from the media, as well as how sexuality professionals navigate the decision to bring their career “public” and the challenges they may face as a result.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the many types of public roles sexuality professionals that exist and how to navigate the decision to be “public” with your career.
  • List two challenges and two opportunities that professionals in the “public” eye may experience after a class discussion.
  • Practice skills to navigate a heated discussion and debate by role playing scenarios in class.
  • List 2 public roles sexuality professionals hold

Activity Schedule:

2 – 3     Overview of sexuality and discussion of sex in the

media and how that influences public views.

3-6       Content/media critique of sex professionals in

media, both local and national.


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(3 CEs)
Logan Levkoff, Ph.D.”

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