Sexual Health and the Trauma Survivor How the Therapist Can Help (8 CEs)


January 16, 2021 | 9am to 6pm EST
Presented by: Joe Kort, PhD

Attend LIVE online via Webinar! OR Watch the Video after the live workshop



Description: Clients with sexual abuse histories often come to therapy with questions about their sexual expression and the obstacles they encounter in intimate relationships. They may find themselves engaging in trauma reenactment rather than safe, consensual sex and need a nonjudgmental space to explore what sexual recovery means for them. Even well-trained trauma therapists often lack the language, comfort, and skillset necessary to assist their clients through this process. This workshop will provide concrete strategies to help trauma survivors live more sexually fulfilling lives.

 Learning Objectives:

–     List 2 different types of sexual abuse and trauma that can manifest in sexual behaviors

–     Explain how clients use sexual behaviors resulting from trauma to experience healthy sexual gratification

–       Discuss how clients can differentiate between unhealthy trauma reenactment and healthy play

–       List five tools to help clients manage out-of-control sexual behaviors

–       Explain five tools to help clients manage out-of-control sexual behaviors

–       Discuss countertransference issues that often arise for therapists around clients’ erotic interests, sexual expression, and behaviors in order to avoid negative judgment and the inadvertent shaming clients

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