Straight Guise: Understanding Male Sexual Fluidity


February 20, 2021 | 9-1 EST

Presenter: Joe Kort, LCSW, Ph.D.

Attend LIVE online via Webinar! OR Watch the Video after the live workshop


This workshop explores the various reasons why men, who do not identify as gay, may have sex with men. This workshop focuses on straight men who have sex with me, men who have sex with men.  While this sexual classification is emerging and becoming more prominent in both the academic and clinical realms, many health care professionals are still largely confused and unaware of some of the complexities and scenarios that exist among a population that does not fit neatly into the over-simplified understandings that traditionally exist around sexual orientation, sexual identity, sexual attraction and sexual pathology.  Other than simply being “in the closet”, the presentation reviews some of the common scenarios and categories of men who fall into the emerging sexual classification of male sexual fluidity, who may not identify as gay or bisexual.  Attention will be given to the some of the particular struggles of women whose partners have sex with men.


  1. Explain the common categories and scenarios of male sexual fluidity who do not identify as gay or bisexual.
  1.   Describekink and fetish dynamics and how they contribute to male sexual fluidity.
  1. Discuss t clinical implications in the context of treating sex addicts who are MSM, his partner, and the couple.
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