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Register for October’s Workshops & Webinars

Modern Sex Therapy Institutes offers a vast course catalog leading to various sex therapy certifications and degrees. In addition though, their strong network of though leaders offers workshops and webinars each and every month — many applicable for CEs too. Check out what is coming up in October and register today:

Transition Anxiety: Play, Pleasure, and Possibility beyond Trans 101 (16 CEs)

Friday, October 16 and Saturday October 17, 2020
from 9am-6pm EST
with Rae McDaniel

The dominant narrative of gender transition is that transition has to equal suffering. This workshop applies current research in facilitative coping mechanisms to individuals in the process of transitioning their gender in order to help our clients transition with more ease. By learning practical skills for helping clients make decisions about how to express their gender to the world, we will begin the conversation about how to change the narrative of transition into a process of self-actualization, curiosity, and discovery. We will address pleasure equity, personal and collective pride, and explore practical therapeutic skills for guiding transgender/non-binary clients through the transition journey.

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