ADHD in Love and in Bed: Treating Couples When One Partner Has ADHD


4 CEs
Presented by: Ari Tuckman, Psy.D.
Recorded workshop available via video on demand


Adults with ADHD are over-represented in therapy offices, especially couples/sex therapy, because of the many ways that it can impact relationship functioning, yet there is little available for clinicians on how to work most effectively with this interesting population. ADHD is a neurologically-based information processing disorder, but it has significant psychological effects on how a person sees themselves, addresses challenges, and interacts with others. This then impacts how that adult with ADHD behaves in intimate relationships—which then impacts how their romantic partner behaves, as well, making certain dynamics more likely. Couples who have additional struggles by day can benefit all the more from the benefits of a good connection at night. As much as untreated ADHD can make the relationship and sex life much less satisfying for both partners, it tends to respond well to the right treatments.

This seminar will be based on original research conducted by Dr. Tuckman on how ADHD can impact a couple’s sexual and relationship satisfaction. He will share the results of that research, including what separates the most and least satisfied couples, how ADHD impacts sexuality, how gender intersects with ADHD, and which treatments were found to be most effective.

We will begin with a review of the symptoms of ADHD, including a deeper conceptual model of ADHD that is much more useful in work with clients. We will then cover the many ways that ADHD impacts an individual and couple, including results from Tuckman’s research. Most of our time will be spent on practical strategies that clinicians can use with individual and couples therapy clients.

This will be an engaging presentation that offers nuts and bolts strategies backed by a deep understanding of relationship dynamics, sexual functioning, and ADHD neurology.


After this seminar, attendees will be able to:

  • Define ADHD
  • Explain the many ways that ADHD can impact both partners in a couple.
  • Explain what the research tells us about the differences between the most and least happy couples with one ADHD partner.
  • Apply this deeper understanding of ADHD and couples dynamics to work more effectively with these clients to improve their relationship and sex life.

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