Somatic Sex Therapist Certification


Somatic Sex Therapist Certification

Become a Certified Somatic Sex Therapist
This 60-credit program, comprised of 15 classes (including 8 elective hours), is designed to allow students to flexibly work around their schedules, streaming the content-rich courses at their own convenience. Courses can be taken in any order, but they are structured to ramp up from introductory to advanced knowledge content. This unparalleled program steps squarely into a contemporary view of sex therapy, where both the mind and body are considered within a holistic approach. The robust and comprehensive certification program draws on the foundational principles of somatic psychology including polyvagal theory, breathwork, movement practices, narrative and art therapy, tantra and integrative trauma theories. Understanding how the brain and body work together informs effective somatic sex therapy interventions, which are most often used as an addition to, rather than a replace for, traditional sex therapy methodologies. Utilizing somatic sex therapy techniques inherently offers titrated pacing and client-lead initiatives to move clients toward states of embodiment, empowerment, and sexual health. A certification in somatic sex therapy allows clinicians to feel comfortable working with emerging somatic methodologies and sex therapy practices.


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Core Courses

Course Speaker CE Hours
Foundations of Somatic Psychology Inertia DeWitt, LMFT 8
Somatic Sex Therapy Holly Richmond, Ph.D. 4
Designing an Integrated Psychology Practice Inertia DeWitt, LMFT 8
Sex Beyond the Binary PatrickLyra Wilder, MA, LMFT 4
Somatic Approaches to Working with Neurodivergent Clients Brandon Guin, PhD, LMFT, BCBA 4
Intentional Erotic Reconditioning Finn Deerhart, CSC 4
Trauma Informed Somatic Therapeutic Interventions De Anna Dudley-Ross, LMFT 4
Embodied Tantra for Couples
Miriam Elyse, L.Ac 8
The Embodiment of the Eros Wound Carly Mountain 4
Introduction to Body Movement Observation & Assessment for Sexual Issues Melissa Walker, MA, 4


Course Speaker CE Hours
EMDR as a Therapeutic Approach to Promote Sexual Health 2023 Brandon Guin, PhD, LMFT, BCBA 4
Radical Intimacy Zoë Kors 4
Breathwork, Movement Therapy & Beyond Heather L. Corwin, PhD, MFA, LPC 4
Somatic Approach to Treating Adult ADHD and Sexuality Allison Arkfeld, MA, LMFT 4

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