The Embodiment of the Eros Wound


Presenter: Carly Mountain

4 CE Hours

Course Description:

This course looks at the eros wound and how it is reflected in our Western cultural and religious stories and how these are embodied in ourselves and our clients. It explores the characteristics of eros wounding and relates this to psychotherapeutic theories of the split-self through Freud, Klein and Jung. We will also address the mind-body split through the Western patriarchal narratives that elevate logos over eros and how working with the body offers a portal back into relationship with our eros and sexuality.
We will consider to explore what edges we might encounter within our therapeutic practice when we are asked to step out of the role of expert and into a more collaborative and co-creative relationship with our client. Working somatically requires both therapist and client to surrender to some level of not-knowing. What discomfort might we encounter when working with eros?

The course includes an exploration of the myth of Eros and Psyche and the Adam and Eve story to illustrate core teachings about the eros wound. We will then enter a somatic process that delves in deeper into the story of the Inanna myth who was the Goddess of Sexuality in ancient Sumerian culture. This is the oldest known story of descent and rising offers us a symbolic map of what happens we descend back into our bodies and come into a new relationship with what we have been estranged from. It is an ancient map of trauma healing and holds key teachings about how to work in an embodied way within therapy. Leading us into relationship with what we have been estranged from which usually includes not only aspects of our sexual selves but any other unprocessed material and emotions, from rage, to grief, to shame. How do we hold the nuance and complexity of our wounds and pleasure together within the therapy relationship?

We will finish by looking at a video of two somatic exercises for working with the eros wound with clients. And will conclude by rooting this in the social context and an exploration of how therapy can be a force of social change in the world.

Learning Objectives:

Discuss how the stories of our western culture and religion are embodied in our lives, our bodies and our sexuality.
Describe and understand the basic theories of the split self and how these relate to the eros wound
Demonstrate the importance of symbols and stories and how these are embodied within us – spend more time with the Inanna myth as an ancient map for working with what has been split off/exiled
Describe two somatic exercises you can use with clients in the therapy room
Speaker Bio: Carly Mountain is an Integrative Psychotherapist, a Psychosexual Somatic Therapist, yoga teacher, breathworker and writer. For the last twenty years she has worked with sacred embodied practices. Carly specialises in working with sex and relationships and is adept at beholding people as they traverse the depths of initiation; both in therapy, breathwork and within courses that support women’s awakening and unfolding. Her writing and work seeks to uncover what has been exiled or hidden within, that is longing to be remembered and reconnected with. A mythopoetic process that leads us back into intimacy with all that we have been estranged from, so that we can become more of who we are, and have always been.

Descent & Rising ~ Women’s Stories and the Embodiment of the Inanna Myth is Carly’s debut non-fiction book will be published in March 2024. She lives in Sheffield, England with her husband and two daughters.

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