Medical Sexology Certification


Medical Sexology Certification

Modern Sex Therapy Institutes is committed to advancing a trans-disciplinary approach in clinical sexology, sexuality education, and scientifically based sexuality research. The Medical Sexology program offers a truly unique and valuable opportunity for those in clinical and health professions to expand their knowledge and practice skills.

The program will provide participants with an integrated framework, combining the psychosocial and cultural aspects of sex therapy with the physiological underpinnings of sexual medicine in treating a wide variety of sexual concerns. The curriculum is designed to prepare professionals to take a multidisciplinary approach to the knowledge and understanding of sexual function, identity, and expression. A key strength of the program is the integration of counseling skills, medical foundations, and comprehensive treatment approaches to achieve the best outcomes for working with a wide array of sexual issues. The program is designed for healthcare professionals who seek to expand their sexual medicine and counseling practices and for counselors/therapists to increase their understanding of the medical foundations and more effectively partner with medical professionals to coordinate and provide comprehensive treatment for sexual problems.

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* MSTI is an approved organizational provider for AASECT Ce's, Provider #07-110-J. Attainment of AASECT CE's does not ensure or guarantee AASECT Certification. For further information please contact

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