Foundations of Somatic Psychology


Presented by: Inertia DeWitt, LMFT

8 CE Hours


Somatic psychotherapy draws on embodied wisdom of both the practitioner and the client. In this course, students will be introduced to fundamental theories supporting somatic psychology, including polyvagal theory, attachment theory, and the neurosequential model of the brain. In addition, this course includes experiential practices and exploratory exercises for working with the nervous system and the body in session.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain fundamental theories supporting somatic psychotherapy
  2. List the primary functions of the autonomic nervous system and their respective qualities
  3. List the three stages of the neurosequential model of the brain
  4.  Demonstrate clinically relevant embodied mindfulness skills
  5. Discuss basic functions of the body within the framework of space, time, and energy
  6. Describe three core intentions and interventions when working somatically

Speaker Bio:

Inertia DeWitt is a multifaceted creative, activist, psychotherapist, and entrepreneur. She is the founder and clinical director of The OHM Center, a trauma recovery center focused on holistic and psycho-sensory treatment programs for BIPOC communities. She holds an MA in Depth Psychotherapy from Pacifica Graduate Institute, an MFA in Dance from Arizona State, and is Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in California. Additionally, Inertia is a trained EMDR and BRainspotting practitioner, a Certified Yoga Teacher with over 10 years experience, and is a Certified Brain Health Practitioner with the Amen Clinics.

Specializing in the treatment of trauma and use of somatic psychotherapy approaches, she provides individual and couples psychotherapy services rooted in healing the body-mind connection. She brings with her a wide range of skills and perspectives, including but not limited to psycho-sensory therapies, depth psychotherapy, attachment theory, neuroscience, somatic practices, dance, archetypes, the chakra system, astrology, and expressive art therapies to her therapy clients, events, and workshops. She has a profound respect and fascination with the power of the body and the human propensity to heal. She believes that healing is mutual due to the deeply interconnected relationship of all beings on this planet, and that prioritizing one’s health is one of the most radical forms of activism of our time.

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