Embodied Tantra for Couples


Presenter: Miriam Elyse, L.Ac

8 CE Hours


Course Description:

Intimacy and sexuality are common struggles in relationship, maybe because partners have different levels of sexual desire, or they have trouble communicating to get their needs met in the bedroom. There is so much social/cultural conditioning that contributes to shame around the exploration of healthy sexuality, and people often feel frustrated about their sexual dynamics within relationships.

This 8 hour course is a deep dive into sensual, somatic and energetic principles and practices to deepen human connection. We will explore how societal narratives around sexuality disconnect us from our pleasure and how to help clients reframe the relationship they have to their bodies to promote healthy relationship to pleasure and to intimacy. We will explore mindfulness, as it relates to sexuality and how to teach practices to help couples connect to themselves and each other with more embodied presence.

This course is trauma-informed and includes descriptions of common challenges that arise and how to address them through an embodied perspective on couples coaching. Founded in the principles of applied Tantra Yoga, somatics and body-mind psychology, this course will give you the tools to help couples find more acceptance and healthy expression of sexual energy, feel more connected to their bodies as individuals and develop skills to be more present with each other.

Learning Objectives:

Explain the difference between sexual energy and sexual expression
Describe how repression limits sexual satisfaction
List the struggles of cultural conditioning and negative views on sexuality
Discuss the principles of pleasure and embodiment
Explain how mindfulness can improve pleasure and intimacy
List practices to help couples have better intimacy
List practices to help people connect to their bodies
How to apply a Tantric approach to modern intimacy
Helping people access orgasm

Speaker Bio:

Miriam Elyse L.Ac is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Somatic Trauma Therapy Specialist and Certified Tantra Yoga instructor. She is the founder of Pleasure as Medicine; a business created to help people deepen the joy of embodiment through somatic presence. She is initiated in Sri Vidya lineage Tantra Yoga and has over 20 years experience as a certified practitioner of the healing arts. As a young adult she learned from Native American healers who taught her about the wisdom of earth and healing through sacred balance in relationships, and that wisdom is the foundation of the work she does today.

Miriam began practicing Tantra Yoga in 2010 because she felt disconnected from her feminine energy, anxious and disconnected from her body. The practices of Tantra Yoga helped her feel the incredible power of her sensuality and her grounded presence. Since then she has passionately pursued this path of helping others find their power, presence and sensual aliveness through this profound system of healing and liberation.

Miriam has been teaching group workshops and coaching private clients since 2014. Her focus is helping people heal unhealthy patterns around love and intimacy, find authentic expression, and heal from trauma. She also leads trainings, retreats and pilgrimages around the world for those who want to deepen their spiritual practice and come back home to their bodies in a meaningful way. You can connect with her at www.MiriamElyse.com , OR @pleasureasmedicine on Instagram.

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