Biopsychosocial Approach to Pelvic floor and Sexual Dysfunction (8 CEs)


Presented by: Uchenna Ossai, DPT, PT


This discussion will include a comprehensive review on the role of the pelvic floor in the sexual function of all genders. The lecture will review the fundamental function of the pelvic floor, common sexual and pelvic floor disorders, the impact of chronic illness on sexual and pelvic health, as well as evidence-based intervention strategies.
Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss the anatomical considerations for pelvic floor dysfunction.
  2. Describe the biopsychosocial framework in the context of sexual and pelvic health.
  3. Describe two evidence-based treatment strategies for common sexual and pelvic health conditions.
  4. Explain how sexual and pelvic health function are impacted by chronic illness.
  5. Demonstrate how to screen patients for existing pelvic floor dysfunction and sexual dysfunction in clinical practice.
  6. List 2 common pelvic floor disorders.
  7. Describe 1 pelvic floor disorder
  8. Describe 1 treatment for a pelvic flood disorder