Finding the Sex You Lost – Transforming limiting beliefs
Sylvia Rosenfeld, LCSW


4 CE’s

Presented by: Sylvia Rosenfeld, LCSW

Recorded workshop available via video on demand


Description: This workshop will explore how the repressive and conflicting messages we receive from family, religion, and culture, whether explicitly related to our sexuality or not, limit our potential for sexual feeling, meaning, curiosity, communication, empathy, and pleasure.

The Imago concept of the Lost Self will be discussed to show how these messages impact our core sexual self, our choice of partner and our erotic dance in relationship. Through lecture and experiential exercises participants will explore the messages that dictate sex-negative myths and beliefs. They will leave with tools for helping their clients reclaim their sexual selves, and expand their sexual repertoire.

Learning Objectives:

  1. List at least four ways negative cultural/familial beliefs and messages impact sexual pleasure and satisfaction.
  2. Assess the role of the Socialization Journey in couples’ sexual difficulties
  3. Utilize 2-3 tools that can help their clients reclaim their sexual self, and expand their sexual repertoire.
  4. Discuss the concept of the Lost Self

Activity Schedule:

9-9:15 AM:  Overview of the day introductions, and an exercise to get their bodies aware alive and present.

9:15 -9:30 AM: Video and Poem reading

9:30-9:50 AM Dyadic experience, and group sharing re: their experience.

9:50-10:15 AM Discuss the factors that comprise an individual’s sexuality.

10:15-11:00  Discuss the social journey, and how cultural and familial messages impact our core sexual self, and our ability to give and receive sexual pleasure,

11-12:20 PM Discuss, demonstrate, and give the group an opportunity to practice tools they can use with individuals and couples to help them reclaim their sexual wholeness, and expand their sexual repertoire.

12:30-1 PM Q&A

Speaker Bio:

Sylvia Rosenfeld is an Imago trained therapist (Advanced Clinician) with certification from the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselor and Therapists (AASECT). She recieved her M.S.W. from the New York University Graduate School of Social Work in 1974, and is a graduate of the Institute of the Study of Psychotherapy.

She has trained with the top professionals in the field–among them: Dr. Harville Hendrix, the creator and founder of Imago therapy; Dr. Helen Singer Kaplan, the founder of the first medical school based program for human sexuality, and Pat Love, a leading expert in relationship therapy.

Sylvia’s work extends to supervising therapists in the area of relationship and sexual issues. Additionally, she leads professional workshops for therapists, mental health practitioners and health professionals in general.

She has completed Level 2 training wth Dr. Stan Tatkin, the creator of the psychobiological approach to couples therapy.

Most importantly, she has been counseling couples and individuals who want to enhance their physical and emotional connection for over 35 years.

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