Sexual Intimacy, Attachment, and Trauma (4CEs)


Presenter:  Tanya Radecker Ph.D.

Recorded workshop available via video on demand

4 CEs


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This workshop explores the relationship between attachment and the impact of sexual intimacy utilizing attachment theories. The therapist learns skills to work with clients at a deeper level and become more efficient with clients. Through the use of an attachment lens, the therapist guides clients in reframing past experiences with the goal of achieving more self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-soothing for clients. The presentation will explore various theories that incorporate attachment, neuropsychology, sexual intimacy, and trauma. Tools and interventions utilized in the Emotionally Focused Therapy model will be highlighted. These tools are specific to creating a safe and secure connection in relationships which leads to an improved sexual intimacy. The presentation includes short video clips as well as encourages participation from the participants when possible.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the attachment theories and the impact of attachment injuries and attachment wounds in relation to sex and intimacy.
  2. Name the developmental stages and neuropsychology surrounding intimacy and attachment.
  3. Discuss healthy sexual development and the impact of trauma during the different stages of development.
  4. Explain how to identify signs of sexual trauma and gain skills in the discussion of trauma with clients.

Activity Schedule/ Agenda

1 Hour- Review Attachment Theory; Injuries and Wounds

1 Hour- Overview of Developmental Stages & Neuropsychology in Relation to Sexual Development, Intimacy & Trauma

1 Hour- Overview of Emotionally Focused Therapy Model & Cycles

1 Hour – Explore Assessment Tools and Interventions

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