Presenter: Jo Langford, M.A.

Once you’ve gotten to the point at which your child’s “queerness” can be talked about between you, you will each feel fear, apprehension, awkwardness and other flavors of angst – but there will also be relief, solace and a sense of bonding between you as well.

But processing a child’s definitive statement of their alternative sexuality or gender is only the beginning of the journey as a parent. Some freak out a little, some are totally fine with it), some accept it, some struggle – but they all still have to parent them.

Learning objectives REVISED

  • Describe the concepts of spectrum and sex and gender development.
  • Explain Gender Dysphoria and transition– a primer on trans children and the impact on the family.
  • Discuss 2 essential components of best practices for helping parents create safe spaces and identify and utilize resources.
  • Discuss parenting challenges, common presenting problems and self-care for LGBTQ caregivers.