It’s Just a Job: Understanding Sex Work and Sex Workers

This webinar will discuss the myths about sex workers, various types of sex work, different theoretical perspectives on sex work, address human trafficking versus chosen sex work, and other related topics.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe different types of sex work
  2. Discuss theoretical frameworks of sex work
  3. Compare and contrast human trafficking with chosen sex work
  4. Analyze myths about sex workers

Activity Schedule:

  • Introduce instructor
  • Introduce topic and how we will cover the topic
  • What are some myths about sex work/sex workers?
  • Discuss different types of sex work
  • Discuss theoretical frameworks of sex work
    • Capitalist/Conflict/Marxist
    • Functionalist
    • Feminist
    • Queer
  • Discuss human trafficking and its relationship with sex work
    • Chosen versus forced sex work
    • How equating chosen sex work with human trafficking is problematic
    • Review who does sex work
  • Discuss readings related to lesson that have not yet been addressed
  • Summarize and review lesson main points
  • Questions to consider
  • Q&A with students