Aya Cardellini, MS, PT, AASECT CSC-SIT

About Aya Cardellini, MS, PT, AASECT CSC-SIT

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist and Sexuality Counselor


· Bachelor of Science Kinesiology, Chapman University, California

· Master of Physical Therapy, Chapman University, California

· Sexual Counselor, Sexual Health Certificate Program, University of Michigan

· AASECT Certified Sexual Counselor

· Active member of AASECT

· Completed advanced courses in pelvic floor rehabilitation and manual therapy.


Aya has been practicing physical therapy for over 22 years, with pelvic floor specialty and emphasis on sexual dysfunctions. As an AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselor, her approach to evaluation and treatment is based on each patient’s unique physical, emotional, and cultural story. Aya realizes that patients with sexual issues in particular need a relationship of trust and openness with their health care providers.


Aya treats sexuality as part of activities of daily living, and sexual health as one’s measurement of functional ability. Whether the patients arrive with specific sexual issues, or perceivably unrelated orthopedic dysfunction, she attempts to address the root cause of the problem, and effectively treat and consider both the physical and psychosocial components of their health.


In her quest to provide the best outcome, Aya carefully listens and try to create a trusting and open communication space. Her evaluation and treatment plan for my patients with sexual dysfunctions follow the PLISS(IT) model. She works on carefully gaining permission to discuss, providing information and pertinent education, and special suggestions. The patient and she will then decide on realistic and meaningful goals. In my sexual counseling capacity, she would also include discussion and will determine appropriate referrals of patients to intensive therapy,

Approach to Supervision:

Ayas’s approach to supervision is to assist the practitioner in providing current and informed care to their patients, with an ethical and culturally sensitive approach. She strives to provide a safe place for the supervised practitioners, creating a supportive environment where she can help in tackling challenging cases, and explore their potential as sexual health professionals. Her goal is to help my supervisees in developing their own sensitive and diversified healthcare provider’s path.