Dr. Christine Romano

About Dr. Christine Romano

Dr. Christine Romano is a PhD-level licensed mental health counselor and an AASECT certified sex therapist. Her treatment specializations focus on intimacy and sexual functioning and dysfunctioning (e.g., desire, arousal, orgasm, painful intercourse, erectile dysfunction), sexuality and gender diversity concerns, communication (e.g., conflict management, understanding perspectives and reciprocity, trust and infidelity), and relationship counseling. She has a background in counseling research, counselor education, counseling supervision in academic and clinical settings, and human resources and law in corporate companies, nonprofit organizations and small businesses. She is an avid academic teaching graduate students as a professor at Fordham University and Pace University, and conducting research on interpersonal relationship perception (i.e. dyadic analysis, empathy, communication, trait judgement accuracy), sexual dysfunctions (i.e., cognitive behavioral therapy treatment outcomes for female sexual pain disorders), and multicultural counseling (i.e. cultural competency in counselor education, racial and gender microaggressions). She is also a published author on a chapter about diversity training and awareness of racial micro-aggressions in the workplace. With her experience, working in various settings and working with a myriad of populations, she is dedicated to serving the people of her community and advocating for mental health counseling and sex therapy.