Black Women and Their Sex Lives Matter (2 CE Hours, 2023)


Presenter: Ashley Townes, Ph.D.

2 CE Hours

Recorded workshop available via video recording.

AASECT Category:

Human Sexuality Education Section C


Course Description:

This presentation provides data that is often under-represented in sexuality education materials. It provides evidence-based information and aims to assist sexuality professionals in increasing cultural sensitivity as it relates to the sexual experiences of Black women in the United States. This presentation will provide an overview of Black women’s sexuality, including historical and contemporary research to inform sexuality education. It is intended to promote exploration and knowledge related to Black women’s sexuality; it is not intended to reinforce or support myths or stereotypes that are discussed. It is designed to help provide understanding in order to debunk myths and stereotypes about Black women and their sexual lives.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • discuss how stereotypes and myths perpetuate racist and sexist views of Black women
  • define respectability politics, identify the research gaps related to Black women’s sexuality
  • discuss how messages about Black sexuality and stigma impact health disparities
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