So Exactly What Is “Appropriate”?!: The Dynamic World of Sex/ual/ity and the Developmentally Disabled (3 CEs)


Presenter: Richelle Frabotta



How do people with developmental disabilities recognize and embrace their sex/ual/ity when they have limited access to accurate information, a lack of visibility and opportunity, and potentially punitive consequences for sexual behavior? We will explore how to coach, support, and validate the Individual’s relevant goals of autonomy, making healthy choices, and maintaining sexual wellness.

Learning Objectives

Describe the historical challenges that minimize, limit, and perpetuate short-sighted perceptions of their sex/ual/ity.

Discuss progressive education-based approaches that inform and provide opportunities for divergent learners to grow into their unique sexual selves in spite of a culture of negative, mixed messages

List 2 credible sources for supporting and advancing sex/ual/ity education for and with people with developmental disabilities.

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