From The L Word to Lesbian Bed Death:  Working with Female Identified Same Sex Couples 

The title of this course typifies the common cultural understanding of Female Identified Same Sex Couples.  It is both, lots of sex often between ex-partners and partners of ex-partners and to the opposite end of that spectrum in no sex at all.  Female identified same sex couples (FISSC), and lesbian identified couples (LIC), have long been explored in the context of a heterosexual paradigm that is responsible for the term “Lesbian Bed Death.”  Little has been done to slough off that terminology and create language that is supportive, non-pejorative, and accurate.  In fact, FISSC and LIC have their own dynamics, cultural and societal influences, origins, stages of relationship, and challenges when it comes to maintaining their own definition and expression of sexuality.  In this course you will come to understand the following:  The beginning phase – Falling in Love/Falling in Sex; the middle phase I – After the Honeymoon or When the Juice Fades; middle phase 2 – Bringing Sexy Back and phase 3 – Keeping Sexuality Alive.

The use of a stage model will provide a systemic understanding of FISSC and LIC relationships/marriages.  Through a culturally sensitive, and intersectional lens, we will take an in depth approach to each stage along supported by clinical research as well as useful interventions from a variety of modalities.

Learning Objectives:

Describe the stages of relational development in Female Identified Same Sex Couples

Discuss therapeutic discovery of cultural and societal influences,

Demonstrate clinical interventions to support clients through: desire discrepancy, sexual fluidity, sexual trauma/abuse, body image issues,

Explain 2 interventions for helping clients with: communication strategies, infidelity, and maintaining a sexually fulfilled relationship.