Trina Crowe

About Trina Crowe

Trina Crowe is a licensed social worker, an AASECT-certified sex therapist since 2015, and a CAADC (Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor). She has done extensive work with people who struggle with a mental health including substance use problems. Through her work she has discovered that a person’s sexuality can be entwined with mental health or substance use problems as well, which is what led her to graduating from the sexual health program. Since opening her private practice, she has worked with mainly couples who experience, infidelity, low sex -drive, mismatched sex drives, ED, and fetishes. She has also worked with couples who want to have more open sexual relationships, and polyamorous relationships and couples who are experiencing transgender transitions. Since Trina’s private practice is located in a highly Christian Conservative area, she also works with people struggling with their sexuality as a result of conservative sex education. Some of the people who have been exposed to this type of negative sex education, have significantly high levels of shame and guilt, which tend to interfere with sexual pleasure.

Trina has extensive training in narrative therapy, a post-structuralist approach that views problems
separate from people. Problems are seen as socially constructed. Problems are frequently stories that
people tell about themselves and those around them. A part of narrative therapy is assisting people in
changing the problematic story, into a more preferred story. This approach is helpful in unpacking
painful beliefs that interfere with having more meaningful relationships.

Approach to Supervision: Trina unpacks faulty beliefs in order to help supervisees connect to their skills,
abilities, and knowledges.

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