Neurodiverse Sexuality Aware Professional Certification


Neurodiverse Sexuality Aware Professional Certification

This 16-hour certificate is one of the first to enhance the study of sexology through a neurodiverse lens. Increasingly, practitioners are expanding their purview of neurodiversity and necessarily broadening their clinical frameworks. This certification addresses fundamental elements of the neurodiversity paradigm, looking specifically at the challenges our neurodiverse clients face to create and sustain healthy relationships and sexual health through a sex-positive lens. This certificate enables sexuality professionals to feel comfortable working with emerging methodologies ideal for neurodiverse clients, and includes foundational courses as well as specific topics including sex education and couples therapy.

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Course Breakdown

CoursePresenterCE Hours
CRASH Course: Foundations of Neurodiversity and SexualityKayla Concannon8
How Executive Functioning & Sensory Processing Impact Neurodiverse EducationAnita Robertson2
Leave No One Behind: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Sexuality EducationKatherine McLaughlin3
Clinician Toolkit for Working With Neurodiverse Partners: The Foundations of Healthy Sexual ExpressionJill Corvelli3


Qualifications for AASECT Certification

* MSTI is an approved organizational provider for AASECT Ce's, Provider #07-110-J. Attainment of AASECT CE's does not ensure or guarantee AASECT Certification. For further information please contact info@aasect.org.

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