Cortina Peters Ph.D.

About Cortina Peters Ph.D.

Known as The Girlfriend Therapist®, Dr. Cortina Peters is a Licensed psychotherapist in Florida, Georgia, Texas, & Wisconsin. She is EMDR-trained, an International Life Coach, Best Selling Author, a Motivational Strategist, and a Mentor who motivates people to win in every area of their lives. She completed her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and her Bachelor’s in Psychology at Nova Southeastern University and her Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology at Modern Sex Therapy Institutes. She also holds a certificate in Women’s Entrepreneurship from Cornell University. Cortina started her career in sexual health education and overall wellness over 20 years ago. She has provided professional counseling services since 2009 and was nominated as the first black president of Central Florida Mental Health Counselors.

As The Girlfriend Therapist®, she helps to dispel the myths of what it means to see a therapist. In 2020, she began to focus on social injustice and racially related issues that impact mental health and wellness. Because of this, she developed The NOIR Center for Intuitive Health & Counseling.   As a result of her love for the field of sex therapy, she created SExD Unveiled, a product created to focus on trust, safety, pleasure, and consent as it relates to sexual partners communicating wants, needs, and sexual interests openly. She also helps individuals with health challenges navigate the intersection between intimacy, health, and sexual satisfaction.

Her therapeutic specialties include sex therapy, race-based trauma/stress, relationships, transitional challenges, and mood disturbances.

 She is a two-time cancer (Lymphoma) survivor and Lupus warrior; she has dedicated her life to helping individuals heal, motivating others, and encouraging clients to live authentically. She is an advocate for change and an activist in her own right. Having to fight for her life in ways many people would not understand, she serves as a light to those who might be in dark, dull, or dim places. Her bubbly, outgoing personality makes it easy for anyone to connect with her and feel her genuineness and commitment to seeing and showing people how to win.

Approach to Supervision:

As a supervisor, my approach to sexuality supervision is rooted in inclusivity, respect, and creating a safe and supportive environment for exploration and growth. I believe that sexuality is a deeply personal and complex aspect of human identity, and it deserves a space of understanding, non-judgment, and acceptance.

I strive to foster a collaborative atmosphere where supervisees feel comfortable sharing their experiences, asking questions, and discussing sensitive topics related to sexuality. I encourage an atmosphere of curiosity, empathy, and cultural sensitivity, recognizing that individuals may have diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

I encourage supervisees to self-reflect, exploring their beliefs, biases, and attitudes towards sexuality. By fostering this self-awareness, I aim to support supervisees in becoming more culturally competent and aware of their potential impact on clients.I provide guidance on ethical decision-making, confidentiality, and maintaining appropriate professional boundaries. I support supervisees to develop their own ethical framework while ensuring the well-being and autonomy of their clients.I value ongoing professional development and encourage supervisees to stay updated on current research, best practices, and emerging issues in the field of sexuality. I offer resources, readings, and educational opportunities to expand their knowledge base and enhance their clinical skills.

Lastly, I embrace a strengths-based approach in supervision, focusing on building upon supervisees’ existing competencies and encouraging their professional growth. I provide constructive feedback, offer encouragement, and celebrate successes along the way. I am committed to supporting supervisees in their journey to become skilled, compassionate, and culturally sensitive practitioners in the field of sexuality.