Estefanía Simich

About Estefanía Simich

Dr. Estefanía Simich Muñoz has a PhD in Human Sexuality. She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Board Approved Supervisor in Maryland, an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and Supervisor in Training. She owns a bilingual sexuality practice in Baltimore. She is passionate about supporting migrant populations who have experienced violence and sexual trauma. As well as working with couples from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. In the past she has acted as an immigration court expert on gender violence and sexual violence cases involving Latin American migrants. She has worked in the non-profit and governmental sectors in Peru, The Netherlands and the US.

Approach to Supervision:

Dr. Simich Muñoz is a supportive and caring supervisor. Her main goal is to empower and guide clinicians on their journey of becoming sex therapists, by providing a safe space of dialogue. She supervises from a holistic, decolonial, and intersectional lens to ensure that all her supervisees are challenged by experiencing conceptualizing cases in a variety of ways.