Jessica Kicha, LMHC

About Jessica Kicha, LMHC

Jessica Kicha is a mental health therapist who is certified in EMDR and an AASECT certified sex therapist and supervisor-in-training. She has also taught graduate-level sexuality courses at multiple universities throughout the Pacific Northwest. She has a private practice in Washington State where she supports individuals and couples working with consensual non-monogamy, painful sex, sexual dysfunctions, sexual shame, kink, and more.


In her supervisory role, she works to create a warm and supportive environment to facilitate the exploration and development of a supervisee’s clinical approach. She recognizes the importance of developing the self of the therapist and structures supervision to foster this process. Furthermore, she actively encourages supervisees to investigate and challenge their biases, ensuring that cultural competency is at the forefront of their clinical work. Overall, her supervision style focuses on empowering therapists to become more effective and confident in their clinical practice.