Jessica VerBout

About Jessica VerBout

Jessica VerBout is an independently Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist in Minnesota, Washington, and Vermont. She owns a private practice in Minnesota where she treats Problematic Sexual Behaviors (PSB), sexual health, minor-attracted persons (MAPs), non-consensual sexual behavior (convicted legally for a sexual offense or not), sexual confidence and acceptance issues, and various other paraphilic attractions. Jessica is a MN MFT Board Approved Supervisor (since 2018) for those working toward their LMFT licensure in Minnesota and an AASECT Supervisor in Training (since 2021).

Approach to Supervision:

Jessica’s supervision approach is using her general “person-of-the-therapist” and strength-based theoretical lenses to help her supervisees expand upon the learning of themselves as evolving sex therapists by assisting her supervisees to use ethical and critical thinking, and work through their sex therapy cases using their own personal theoretical stance(s). Using a relational, collaborative, and casual style, she strives to help her supervisees find their own strengths, confidences, and skills to become a confident sex therapist.