MSTI Colleague Referral Program

MSTI Colleague Referral Program

Recommend a Colleague to

Modern Sex Therapy Institutes TODAY


$250 Referral Bonus – and –
$100 in FREE Online Workshops!


Refer a colleague to our Sex Therapy Certification program

and receive a $250 referral bonus and a $100 credit towards

any MSTI Online Workshops!



Get started today


Visit our Sex Therapy Certification page and Share, Tweet, Pin or Email this product (icons are available at the bottom of the page) to those who you think may be interested. Have them mention you as their referral source, and we will take it from there! It’s that easy!

** To receive the referral bonus, a full payment or payment plan sign up must be received.
Purchaser must also give your name as the referral source during time of checkout. **