Aging and Sexuality
(4 CEs)
Larry Siegel, M.A. CSE


4 CEs

Presented by: Larry Siegel, M.A. CSE

Recorded workshop available via video on demand


There is a pervasive assumption that sexual interest and activity is supposed to decline as we age; that older adults are no longer sexual. Nothing can be further from the truth! Research shows that older adults are still interested in experiencing sex, relationships, and erotic pleasure. This workshop will provide an overview of common psychosexual issues among seniors and discuss common age-related sexual changes, as well as the impact of illness, disability, and medications on sexuality and sexual function.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Discuss current trends and expectations in aging populations as they pertain to sexual activity, sexual medicine and technology
  2. List 3 common sexuality and intimacy issues typically seen in older adults
  3. Discuss areas where promoting intimate and erotic connections can be beneficial to quality of life among seniors
  4. Describe the more common STIs identified among older populations, as well as in general, and develop strategies for intervention and counseling

Activity Schedule:

30 Minutes: Discussion of population trends among Boomer populations and the impact of sexual medicine and social change on sexuality and eroticism among older adults.

1.5 Hours: Discussion of age-related changes in sexual functioning and relationships

  1. Typical developmental changes
  2. social supports
  3. illness and loss of function
  4. effects of medications

1 Hour: Effects intimate and erotic connections have on seniors’ QOL

1 Hour: Comparison of incidence of STIs among seniors and the overall population anddifferences in intervention and treatment

Spearker Bio:

Lawrence Siegel, MA, CSE, is a Clinical Sexologist, certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, & Therapists (AASECT) as a sexuality educator, and is a Fellow with the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists. In addition to being former President and current Director of Education & Training for Sage Institute for Family Development, Larry serves on faculty at Nova Southeastern University, Burnett International College, Kaplan University, and Palm Beach State College. As an educator, trainer, and consultant for the past 28 years, Larry has traveled extensively – both around the US and abroad – training all levels of health and mental- health professionals and is recognized as a leading educator in the area of sexuality, sexual medicine, and sexual therapies. Larry is also widely published, in both popular and peer-reviewed media, in such areas as problems with the “sex addiction” model, sexual changes in aging adults, sex and drugs, relationships, and enhancing sexual experiences.

Larry has been honored numerous times in Who’s Who of American Teachers and has received several honors for teaching excellence. As president of a non-profit organization, he has also been recognized in Who’s Who of American Executives and has consulted with other non-profit organizations on developing effective practice models and training programs. He is a regular guest on radio and television shows and can be found as an expert advisor on such websites as SexualHealth.com and iFriends.net, in addition to numerous guest blogs and podcasts.

Most recently, Larry has joined the faculty of Modern Sex Therapy Institutes, providing sex therapy education and training to mental-health and medical professionals. He has also formed a collaboration with Senior Solutions to present a series of trainings and workshops on senior dating, sex and relationships while working with elder-care communities to develop policies and procedures to effectively address these issues.

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