Emergent Love model. Turning love on its head! Evidence-Informed work with couples


Presenter: Sara Nasserzadeh, Ph.D. 

Recorded workshop available via video on demand


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This talk has two related sections. Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh first will present on her decade long research which led to the defining of a new type of love “Emergent Love” as an addition to the already established 7 types of love offered by the Greek philosophers. She will then continue to deconstruct the make-up of love relevant to our current sociocultural context of lives. In the second part, she will discuss as how this preliminary research informed a study with a normative sample within the US which led to the creation of the Relationship Panoramic Inventory (RPI) . RPI is the only validated Inventory (internally as well as externally in relation to other validated scales within the field) that considers multiple domains of a modern coupledom, these include various sexual and relationship orientations. Think of RPI as the 360 degree assessment for the couples as exists in the business world. RPI also offers great sense of agency for the couple to own their process, provide shared language for the therapist and the couple as well as offers a tool for therapists for a systematic and evidence-informed process with couples. Participants are invited and highly encouraged to take the RPI for free before attending the workshop for a deeper learning experience here.

  1. List 8 types of love and explain them
  2. Describe the Relationship Panoramic Inventory and explain how to use it with clients
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