Ethical Sex/ual/ity Education: Exploring Theory and Navigating Practice (3 CEs)


Tuesday July 14, 2020 from 1 pm to 4:30 pm 
Presenter: Richelle Frabotta, MSEd, CSE, CSES
Sexuality educators must be steadfast about teaching in a most ethical and professional manner. Given the current cultural climate, lack of understanding about what services sexuality educators provide, and being an unregulated field, it is essential that sexuality educators establish credibility that indicates unequivocally that one is a trained (and perhaps certified) and principled teacher. It is crucial that ethics, a foundation of discerning right from wrong where no harm is caused to self, students, or any participants in our learning communities, is known and practiced. Although some ethical guidelines are similar to what our clinical colleagues’ practice, there are distinct differences and nuances that sexuality educators encounter.


In this 3-hour virtual workshop, we will explore:
  1. The origins of ethics in education and how this impacts teaching what many consider controversial topics that are human sexuality.
  2. Specific ethical challenges that sexuality education professionals might face and options for navigating to resolution.
  3. Strategies for creating and maintaining boundaries, and resources.
  4. What it means to advocate for and actively promote accountability in the interdisciplinary work that is sexuality education.
Learning Objectives:
  1. Explain 2 ethical challenges that sexuality education professionals might face
  2. Describe 1 strategy for creating and maintaining boundaries, and resources
  3. Explain what advocacy in sex education looks like