Problematic Sexual Behavior (PSB) Certification Program

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To date the most common way to describe someone with sexual dysregulation is “sex addiction.” However, the approach of Modern Sex Therapy Institutes’ Certification Program in Problematic Sexual Behavior (PSB),  is to treat PSB as a sexual health problem in which consensual sexual urges, thoughts or behaviors feel out of control. As opposed to a clinical disorder, PSB is framed as a behavioral problem of sexual expression wherein the individual’s life and relationships are negatively impacted by the behaviors deemed problematic.

We offer a modern, up-to-date, cutting edge training in the PSB Certification Program to help clinicians help those presenting with PSB to achieve the best outcomes for themselves and their partners.  Most therapists treat this through a trauma or addiction lens, which inadvertently contributes to clients feeling sexually lost, and often worse then when they started. This invariably limits effective interventions for most clients coming in for treatment. Much of the current research shows that often, the more religious, moralistic and pathological labeling one does to one’s self around sexual behaviors, the more PSB they will experience. This certification program will provide therapists the skills to address these issues clinically, via case consultations and educational courses from some of the leading researchers in this area.


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