Sensory awareness with mindfulness and hypnosis in gay men

Sensory Awareness and Mindfulness for Gay Men

Many gay men feel alienated from their families of origin, society, and themselves, sometimes in subtle ways that are unrecognizable.  Mindfulness offers a powerful approach to enhancing and increasing sensory awareness, creating a powerful resource for restoring connections within.  Such connections provide a bridge between the self and body, something that is often disowned by gay men. This workshop defines and illustrates successful mindfulness interventions to enhance the treatment of gay men. These beneficial therapeutic processes indirectly address unresolved issues that may not even be in these patients’ awareness.  Addressing this provides integrative healing to clients, offering a profound sense of happiness in new ways.

Effective scripts targeting self-esteem issues related to development, religion, HIV and the urban gay male stereotype will be provided.


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Rick Miller, psychotherapist and author ( has served on  the faculty for The International Society of Hypnosis, The Milton Erickson Foundation, The Brief Therapy Conference, The Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, The American Group Psychotherapy Association, The Couples Conference and Harvard Medical School. He is the author of Unwrapped: Integrative Therapy With Gay Men… the Gift of Presence (Zeig, Tucker & Theisen, 2014) and Mindfulness Tools for Gay Men In Therapy. (PESI, 2016). His Psychology Today blog is Unwrapped: Mind Body Wisdom and the Modern Gay Man, and his docuseries is GaySonsandMothers.Com

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