The Pitfalls of Modern Intimacy: Love, desire, eroticism, infidelity, erotic imagination, emotional risk taking and more


2 CEs

Presenter: Esther Perel, MA, LMFT

Recorded workshop available via video on demand


The story of intimacy and sexuality in committed modern couples is one that often tells of dwindling desire. In this session, we’ll contrast two fundamental, yet opposing human needs: safety and predictability vs. freedom and adventure and how these play out in the sexual impasses of couples.

In this workshop:

  • We’ll probe the ambiguities of love and desire;
  • Learn how emotional history shapes our erotic blueprints;
  • Explore the differences between sexuality and eroticism;
  • Map gender similarities and differences within the concept of multiple sexualities;
  • Examine infidelity, transparency, and boundaries;
  • Plumb the depth, complexity and healing qualities of erotic imagination;
  • Discover innovative strategies to unlock blocks and cultivate emotional risks to open up sexual communication.

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