Problematic Sexual Behavior (PSB) Certification Program


Problematic Sexual Behavior (PSB) Certification Program

To date the most common way to describe someone with sexual dysregulation is “sex addiction.” However, the approach of Modern Sex Therapy Institutes’ Certification Program in Problematic Sexual Behavior (PSB),  is to treat PSB as a sexual health problem in which consensual sexual urges, thoughts or behaviors feel out of control. As opposed to a clinical disorder, PSB is framed as a behavioral problem of sexual expression wherein the individual’s life and relationships are negatively impacted by the behaviors deemed problematic.

We offer a modern, up-to-date, cutting edge training in the PSB Certification Program to help clinicians help those presenting with PSB to achieve the best outcomes for themselves and their partners.  Most therapists treat this through a trauma or addiction lens, which inadvertently contributes to clients feeling sexually lost, and often worse then when they started. This invariably limits effective interventions for most clients coming in for treatment. Much of the current research shows that often, the more religious, moralistic and pathological labeling one does to one’s self around sexual behaviors, the more PSB they will experience. This certification program will provide therapists the skills to address these issues clinically, via case consultations and educational courses from some of the leading researchers in this area.

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Cognitive Behavioral Skills To Manage PSBNicole Prause, Ph.D.3
How To Help Couples Cope with Stress of PSB on RelationshipTBA1
Empirical approaches to help couples re-establish Sexual Health after disclosuresNicole Prause, Ph.D.2
Deconstructing the Myth of Porn Induced Erectile Disorder (PIED) and how to helpNicole Prause, Ph.D.1.5
His Porn, Her PainMarty Klein4
Understanding the Difference between Sexual and Erotic Orientation  
Exploring Moral, Religious and Pathological Beliefs of Sexual Behaviors Contributing to PSBJosh Grubbs4
Assessment of Problematic Sexual Behavior: Multiple pathways to sexual behavior that is considered problematicJason Winters2
Using functional/chain analysis to help identity key causal factors, reinforcers, and treatment targets of PSBJason Winters2
Porn and debunking the addiction modelNicole Prause, Ph.D.3
Sexual Behavior Issues within gay/bi males (Sexual Diversities and Sexual Conflict)?Silva Neeves2
Digisexuality and its assessments/ formulationDr. Markie Twist3
Understanding and assessing compulsive sexual behaviours: how to understand the ICD-11 diagnostic criteria, common clinical presentations, a sexological assessment, a psychological assessment and a readiness assessmentSilva Neeves4
Treatment for compulsive sexual behaviours: the three-phase model. How to formulate a treatment plan that is sex-positive, individual to clients, effective, ethical and safe (beyond the addiction-oriented models)Silva Neeves2
Understanding Kinks and Fetishes as Sexual Orientation  
The Edges of Sexual Behavior: Approaches from the Sex Positive and Sexual Health ModelsAnna Randall4
The Search for Co-regulation: helping clients to understand their affects and attachment styles in order to create therapeutic alliance and a path to healing and recoveryMichael M. Crocker, DSW, LCSW2
Transforming Anxiety and Avoidance Into Alliance and Intimacy: A Treatment Model for Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior: The Push and Pull of Insecure Attachment – Working with Individuals with Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior and Their Partner – Strategies for Individual and Couples TherapyMichael M. Crocker, DSW, LCSW2
Group Treatment of Hypersexuality – Problematic Pornography Use/MasturbationKate Sutton, Ph.D.3
CASE CONSULTATION with Marc Gilmartin, Marty Klein, Silva Neeves and MORE!!Marc Gilmartin 
PSB & Power dynamicsDr. Kate Balestrieri2
Out of Control Sexual Behavior Treatment Work with Cisgender WomenJessica Levith1

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