Alternative Relationships Certification 


Modern Sex Therapy Institutes and Michael Aaron, Ph.D. are proud to announce the first ever Alternative Relationships Certification Program!

This 50 credit program, consisting of 22 classes and 20 hours of supervision, is designed to allow students to flexibly work around their schedules, streaming the content-rich courses at their own convenience. Courses can be taken in any order, but they are structured to ramp up from introductory to advanced knowledge content. Covering consensually nonmonogamous arrangements, such as swinging and polyamory, to kink/BDSM, as well as unique subcultures such as furries, sex workers, and Master/slave dynamics, this program allows therapists to feel comfortable working with any nonnormative sexual practice their clients may present in the therapy office.
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1 payment – $3,750
6 consecutive monthly payments – $675/mo
12 consecutive monthly payments – $380/mo

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Modern Sex Therapy Institutes and Michael Aaron, Ph.D. are proud to announce the first ever Alternative Relationships Certification Program!

Today, therapists are increasingly encountering relationship systems that defy traditional expectations and norms. In a rapidly shifting society, therapists often find themselves challenged to understand the new lifestyles that they are now seeing in their practices. As a result, we developed the Alternative Relationships Certification program, a unique, one-of-a-kind training and certification program for those looking to develop expertise and become more knowledgeable and comfortable working with nontraditional relationships.
Course Presenter Hours
Introduction to Alternative Sexualities and Working with Relational Systems Michael Aaron, Ph.D. 3
Understanding Non-Monogamy Zhana Vrangalova, Ph.D. 2
Working with Relationships Transitioning into Alternative Structures/Expressions Michael Aaron, Ph.D. 3
Introduction to BDSM and Kink Rhoda Lipscomb, Ph.D. 2
Alternative Sexual Expression and Desire Discordance (Working with couples with varying sexual interests) Michael Aaron, Ph.D. 2
Working with Ego-Dystonic Sexual Expressions Michael Aaron, Ph.D. 2
Specific Clinical Issues with Polyamorous & Non-Monogomous Relationships Margie Nichols, Ph.D. 2
Specific Clinical Issues with BDSM/Kink Rhoda Lipscomb, Ph.D. 3
Integrating Kink with Harm Reduction and other Therapeutic Modalities Michael Aaron, Ph.D. 2
Clinical Issues Around Negotiating Consent Emily Prior, M.A. 3
Kink as Normal – Helping clients embrace their authentic Kink desires Galen Fous, MTP 3
Unique Subcultures (Furries, otherkin, vampyres, etc) 40 minutes each Courtney Plante 1
Understanding Sex Work and Sex Workers Emily Prior, M.A. 3
AltSex and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals Lucien Felding, Ph.D. 2
Typical Issues Working w/BDSM & Kink (sex ed) Emily Prior 2
Understanding the Spectrum of Gender Expression Don Dyson, Ph.D. 3
Understanding the Spectrum of Orientation Expression Brent Satterly, Ph.D. 3
Authority-Based Relationships TBD 2
Intro to Polyamory Jim Fleckenstein 2
Poly course on dos and don’ts for therapists on working w/poly relationships Jim Fleckenstein 2
Psychodynamics, Archetypes, the Unconcious and Kink Galen Fous, MTP 3
Psychobiology of BDSM Edwin Perez, M.D. 1

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