Clinical Issues Around Negotiating Consent
(3 CEs)
Emily Prior, M.A.


3 CEs

Presented by: Emily Prior, M.A.

Recorded workshop available via video on demand


Clinical Issues Around Negotiating Consent

This webinar includes an overview of what consent is and is not, as well as several methods for negotiating consent within sexual relationships. Clinical issues that may arise regarding consent will also be addressed.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe 3 methods of negotiating consent
  2. Compare and contrast surface versus deep consent
  3. Describe the role aftercare has in negotiating consent
  4. Discuss clinical issues around negotiating consent

Activity Schedule:

  • Introduce instructor
  • Introduce topic and how we will cover the topic
  • Discuss how we define consent
  • Discuss the role communication plays in negotiating consent
  • Present methods of negotiating consent:
    • SSC
    • RACK
    • 4Cs
  • Discuss the different levels of consent
    • Surface
    • Scene
    • Deep
  • Discuss aftercare and its role in negotiating consent
  • Discuss readings related to lesson that have not yet been addressed
  • Outline and discuss possible clinical issues related to consent
  • Summarize and review lesson main points
  • Questions to consider
  • Q&A with students
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