Eating Disorders, Sexual Health and Fertility
Constance Quinn, LCSW


2 CE’s

Presented by: Constance Quinn, LCSW

Recorded workshop available via video on demand


Description: This workshops will discuss eating disorders, sexuality, and fertility. Working with clients presenting with these three concerns is challenging. Assessment and treatment options will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess Eating Disorder facts and statistical data
  • Describe the basic tenets of sexuality and sexual health
  • Explain the concept “Climate of Sexuality”
  • Assess Body Image and Sexual Self Schema in the context of clinical practice
  • Describe Sexuality and ED Subtypes in the assessment process
  • Critique Treatment Challenges in cultural context and various treatment settings
  • Compare Evidence Based Treatments for couples with ED and sexuality concerns and make informed practice choices.
  • Assess Eating Disorder facts and statistical data

Activity Schedule:

2 – 3:30 pm  Discussion to include ED facts and data; basic tenets of sexuality and sexual health, definition, assessment information, sexuality and ED subtypes, treatment challenges in a cultural and practice context, and compare EBP treatments for couples with eating disorders and sexual health concerns

3:30-3:45 Discussion of UNCLAN article provided to students

3:45-4 Questions and Answers

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