Trauma Informed Sex Therapy: Existential/Humanistic Approaches (4 CEs)


Speakers: Daniel Watter, Ed.D.


This workshop will focus on the effects of non-sexual trauma in the creation of sexual dysfunction, and the utilization of existential-humanistic therapeutic approaches to their treatment.  Non-sexual traumas include those events that result from disruptions in early childhood attachment, and other traumatic life events (i.e. confrontations with one’s mortality).  Existential-humanistic approaches to treatment have rarely been applied to sex therapy.  Existential-humanistic psychotherapies look at the meaning embedded in sexual problems, and focus on resolving the existential dilemmas as opposed to “fixing” the sexual symptom.  Existential-Humanistic treatment philosophies rely heavily on the work of Irvin Yalom, Rollo May, and Carl Rogers.  Extensive use of clinical case material will be utilized in order to illustrate the concepts of Trauma-Informed Sex Therapy: Existential-Humanistic Approaches to Treatment.

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