ONLINE SAR: Sex, Kink, & Social Identity (10 CEs)


Wednesday,  May 13  |  5 pm to 8 pm
Thursday, May 14  |  9 am to 4 pm

This course is provided ONLINE only.

Presented by: Shadeen Francis, LMFT

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Course Description

The Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR) is an experiential, group-based process that facilitates participants’ examination of their sexual attitudes, beliefs, values, and practices. This SAR intensive offers the opportunity for participants deepen their understanding and expand their awareness about the intersection of social identity, intimate pleasure, and kink.

Rationale: Sexuality professionals have specialized knowledge of the sexual feelings, thoughts, and behaviors of their clients. In order to work effectively with sexual concerns, they must also ask themselves how they are connected to the client’s interpersonal contexts and social identity.

Course Objectives:

It is intended that after participating in this SAR, attendees will:

  1. Demonstrate an increased awareness of personal attitudes, values, feelings and beliefs about an array of sexual and social identities
  2. Develop greater comfort when addressing and discussing sexual identity topics
  3. Discuss how their sexual feelings, values, reactions, and beliefs may be impacting their ability to work with multicultural groups in professional settings
  4. Describe at least two (2) examples of ways intersectionality is relevant to sexuality professions
  5. Examine the relationship between dominant social narratives and the maintenance of sexual ethics, normalcy, and sexual politics
  6. Recognize how discomfort with diverse sexual practices may contribute to barriers in the delivery of educational, health, social, and behavioral health services
  7. Recognize how internalized stereotypes influence our perception of sexual health, wellness, identity, and behaviour
  8. Clarify the aspects of sexual knowledge and self-awareness that present areas for further professional exploration.

Instructor: Shadeen Francis, LMFT

Instructor Biography: Shadeen Francis is a licensed psychotherapist, graduate instructor, and author that specializes in sex therapy and social justice. She has been featured on platforms like ABC, CBS, NBC, and the New York Times to share her unique expertise. Because of her ability to tackle difficult subjects with warmth and humour, Shadeen is sought internationally to speak on topics such as sexual self-esteem, overcoming shame, and relationship design. Whether in her office, in an academic setting, or at a community event, all of Shadeen’s work is inspired by her commitment to helping people live lives full of peace and pleasure.