The Business of Therapy: How to Build & Thrive (16 CES)


Presented by: Dr. Jess O’Reilly

Recorded Workshop


This workshop will take you from therapist to entrepreneur. Therapy training often fails to address business planning and execution strategies and skills. This workshop will address this gap from start-up to planning to execution. We’ll cover content creation/writing, marketing, structure, branding, public relations and more.


Day 1:

  • Discuss the steps for setting up a business
  • Discuss the range of factors that affect business outcomes
  • Write an ideal client profile
  • Describe your ideal niche market
  • Analyze your strengths, priorities and areas for development
  • Describe your brand’s core values and themes; consider how these values will be reflected in practice
  • Write an accurate and appealing bio in three formats
  • Explain your business structure and registrations

Day 2:

  • Discuss and evaluate content creation options as a form of inbound marketing: webinars, blogs, guest articles, podcasts, collaborative interviews, videos, books, e-books, speaking and referral networks.
  • Develop a preliminary content creation plan
  • Describe strategies to land mainstream press opportunities
  • Discuss strategies to leverage press opportunities for brand awareness and additional income
  • Develop a preliminary market plan for content creation
    Develop a preliminary market plan for Traditional Media
    Develop a preliminary market plan for Digital Media
    Develop a preliminary market plan for Social Media
  • Create a short term plan and implement strategies for timely follow-through (e.g. accountability team/pod, email checkins)

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